REACH Geotag the Photos About

This module is for geotagging photos for the emergency shelter assessment in the Middle East.

These photos come from refugee camps in Iraq and Jordan. If you don't know exactly where the photo was taken, you can select the whole country, that is still valuable.

Check out the photo's source to see where it came from, the information on the source should tell you what country the photo was taken in.

If you have the name of the camp in which the photo was taken, try searching for it on Google, this might help narrow down its location.

If it is not possible to geotag the photo, don't worry! Just click I DON'T KNOW as it is still a valid and useful answer.

This module uses OpenStreetMap and therefore the Open Database License. The icon for this module is by US Department of State - Humanitarian Information Unit via ReliefWeb.

Latest version published 02/02/2015.