Yemeni Cultural Heritage at Risk About

The aim of this application is to locate and georeference large numbers of existing photos showing cultural sites in Yemen to assist satellite imagery analysis and broader monitoring efforts.

During the ongoing conflict in Yemen cultural sites are unfortunately impacted by fighting which can cause irreparable damage to ancient structures. UNITAR-UNOSAT, together with UNESCO and other organizations, is working to monitor such locations with satellite imagery as is done for damage to monuments in Syria.

For the conflict in Yemen, it would be helpful to compile and georeference large amounts of on-the-ground photographs of cultural sites in Yemen. Cultural sites in Yemen are exemplified by the World Heritage List and Tentative List maintained by UNESCO. These photographs will assist satellite imagery analysts in recognizing and understanding structures on the ground, and can serve as a useful compilation of disparate photographic resources depicting Yemeni cultural sites. So, in this project ask volunteers to perform two tasks:

  1. Find and send us photos using the GeoTag-X plugin for Chrome. If for some reason you cannot send something in with the plugin, you can also put links to relevant photos and albums that you find in the comments for this project and we will load them for you.

  2. Analyse photos. For each photo sent into GeoTag-X, we want to know the following:

    • Does the photo depict a structure, ruin, or area of historical and/or cultural significance in Yemen?
    • If the photo does depict a cultural site, does the site have a Wikipedia page (this is done to reduce the use of differing names for one site)?
    • Does the photo possibly depict damage to the site occurring during the 2015 civil war?
    • Can the photo be georeferenced to the location of the site?

How Does it Work?

Answer the questions as best you can, we highly recommend taking the tutorial before starting so you know what to look for.

If you need some pointers, you can click on the help for each question.

Don't worry if you are not sure about your answer, each photo is presented to at least 30 people and the final answers are taken from the majority response. So there is no problem if you get a couple wrong.

Sometimes it will be difficult to see what is in the photo - if you are not sure, don't be afraid to select "I DON'T KNOW", this is also an answer!

Don't worry either if you find you have a lot of photos that are not relevant, sometimes you might go through several photos in a row that have no cultural site before finding one you can analyse.

What are we doing with the results?

Results generated by your contributions to this application will help UNITAR-UNOSAT analyze satellite imagery for cultural sites and detect damage. In addition, the resulting photo library will be loaded on to a web map and also made available as a service to be used by other organizations concerned with cultural heritage in Yemen.